Yep – Definitely A Fail!

Not only was it a fail, it was a particlarly spectacular Fail.

I’m now moving into the air space normally reserved for Sod’s Law.  All the groundwork I put last week was a complete waste of time.  I moved the hosting account over to CloudFlare as that was supposed to be compatible with the Page Builder software I was using  for the project.

Turns out that whilst it was a good match, the learning curve was very steep and I spent a lot of time working through the tutorials.  Since I was not fully focused on the task, it took much longer than I’d hoped and my concentration wasn’t 100% anyway.

  • All the links to/from pages didn’t work
  • The pages looked OK in edit mode but not in the live testing.
  • The video just wouldn’t play at all.
  • All in all it was a complete wasted week for the Challenge

Now it’s just after 8pm and with the deadline at midnight there is no way I can finish on time.

Commander on the ground says it cannot be done so I’ve made an Executive Decision:   Forget the deadline and start again tomorrow morning.  Not sure if it will look any better then but I can at least focus on what needs to be done without the added pressure of a looming deadline.


OK.  That’s it for today.  Till next time . . .

Cheers, Colin



Epic Fail This Week :{

Very disappointed with myself … this past week has not only been hectic on the personal front, it’s been manic and unfocused from a business aspect too.

Personal front first then.  Our youngest daughter turned 40 last Monday 24th – where did that time go?  On my 40th I had just completed 22+ years in the Army and was a “fish-out-of-water” civillian.  Totally lost and not sure what the future had in store.

Back to the plot . . .

So it was all hands to the pump getting ready for her “BIG 40 – 1980sThemed Fancy Dress” party on Saturday 29th with 150+ guests expected to attend.

The venue and DJ had been booked and paid for back in July so it was mainly last-minute catering and decorating the hall/tables on the day.  Everything went surprisingly well and everyone had a great time.  I even managed a few sherberts myself – just to be sociable you understand.

Business issues had to take a bit of a back seat but I did manage to get a few things done.  I’d made a list of the things I wanted to get done each day in an effort to stay on track.  That went straight out of the window on Day 3 (Wednesday) and I have been playing until today.

Needless to say, there was very little I’d accomplished towards completing the Quick Start Week 3 challenge so far.  Today has been  Clear-Up Day – both down at the hall and here in the house.

The hall was easy – black bags for the rubbish and boxes for the rest.  The house looks like the aftermath of a tornado with ‘stuff’ strewn everywhere.  The kitchen was the worst as there was no time to wash up before the party and too knackered to do it at 00:35 this morning when we got home.  Straight into bed – not even bothered with the obligatory Horlicks/Hot Chocolate – and slept right through till  about 7am.

I’ll have to end here – I had hoped to make some progress with the Week 3 Challenge – but I don’t think there is any challenge left in me.  So, an early night followed by an all-out assault on the Challenge tomorrow.

Till later,

Cheers, Colin

QSC – Week 3 Challenge

This week’s QSC Challenge was called The List-Building Engine.  We had to build a “Triple Tier List Building System” consisting of:

  1. An Opt-In Page
  2. A Two-Step Bridge Page
  3. Connect it all to an Autoresponder
  4. Test that it all works

On the face of it, a relatively easy task.  I already had most of the tools I would need for this challenge so I was not too concerned about getting it done on time.

I also underestimated how much time and effort I would have to siphon off towards the weekend’s activities – AKA: our youngest daughter’s 40th Birthday Party.  I’ll let you know how that works out in the next post.

Right now I have to go and plan out the exact steps I will need to take to survive both these projects…

Wish me luck!

Cheers, Colin

Review – QSC 2018 (week 2)

Hello again, Dear Reader.

That “Dream Life” exercise was most enlightening.  I shall reveal all shortly – well, most of it anyway.

The most important thing I have discovered from this exercise is that, above all else, I want the FREEDOM to do:

  • What I want
  • When I want
  • How I want

… without any of the financial constraints and restrictions of the “Glass Roof” that is currently holding me back – big time.

I want to briefly touch on the “What does it cost?” part first of all and then come back to it at the end.

I have fairly modest requirements.  I have never had any money that I could afford to ‘splash out’ with and, as a result, I find it quite hard to visualise not having to think about the cost of what I currently call ‘luxuries’.  That said, we live pretty much of a comfortable existence.

The one thing that I am learning here is that the dreams can be turned into reality quite simply by following the path that Dean has set out for me to follow by way of his coaching and mentoring.

So I’m off to visit Fantasy Land for a while.  These are the the things that I need to focus on RIGHT NOW and which will give me a target to aim for on my journey to untold riches.

The House.  Nothing too grand but it needs to be:

  • close to the sea
  • 3 large bedrooms
  • an office area
  • a craft room
  • a music room
  • 2 double garages

The vehicles. 

  • Volvo XC90
  • Mercedes A Class
  • Harley-Davidson Trike

The Holidays.

  • Once a year to visit family in the USA – travel by sea/road/rail
  • 2 cruises each year – Greek Islands & Scandanavia


  • Cancer
  • Help for Heros


  • A property Portfolio

Having Fun.

  • Music concerts (before either I get too old or they pass on!)
  • Time out to make my own music in my own studio

Family Commitments.

  • We have 3 children and 2 grandchildren and would like to ensure that they are all financially “sorted”
  • To spend less time with my computer!!!

What’s the cost of all this?   Certainly a lot more than I can accurately work out.  But since I have to put a monetary value on the whole package I would need to be earning in excess of £10,000 per month from my Internet business.  I cannot be more accurate than that for now.

[REALITY CHECK ALERT:  As of today, I have not made even £1 from my Internet Adventures.  I shall therefore aim to make a modest £10 to start with and scale things up from there.]

Right . . . that’s it for today.  I must now go and submit this as my Quick Start Challenge for Week 2.

Cheers for now,


PS  Please remember that if you have a question or some feedback  just send me a message at and I will reply as soon as I can.



QSC 18 – Week 2

The second instalment  of the QSC was delivered at 11 pm on Wednesday night.  A bit late for me but the attendees are from all over the world – USA to Australia/New Zealand and many countries in between.  So catering to all those time-zones must be a logistical nightmare and 11 pm would seem to be a reasonable compromise for all concerned.

The topic this time was “Creating Your Dream Life” and the challenge was to think long and hard about what your Dream Life would look like if money was no object:

  • The House?
  • The car(s)?
  • The Holidays?
  • Charities?
  • Investments?
  • Having Fun?
  • Family Commitments?

AND just as important:  HOW MUCH WILL THIS LOT COST?

“Off into the realms of fantasy then,” I thought, “this should be easy!”

How wrong was I?  VERY, but I had a blast doing it!  However, it was great to let my addled brain just float away and do it’s own thing for a while . . .

Then back to reality with a thud . . .

Overall I found the experience to be a bit like going on the holiday you’ve been planning all year.  Two weeks of doing nothing but enjoying the location and relaxation . . . only to come home to realise that you still have to deal with same crappy job and all the bills you tried so hard to forget about while you were away.

Now I need to get all that down on paper (AKA my blog) ready for submitting to the Week 2 Challenge by midnight tonight.

I will be back tomorrow (or the next day) with the Master Plan and my Dream Life will be posted out there for all to see.

So, till then, take care.

Cheers, Colin


Review – QSC (Week 1)

Hello again.  In this post I will review my results for Week 1.

Nothing spectacular, but I didn’t expect to have much to report – it’s only the first week after all.

There were a couple of quite important things worth mentioning though.

Thing # 1:  I didn’t tell you who put this QSC in place, which was quite rude of me.  The 2 Amigos  responsible for the whole thing are Dean Holland and Craig Crawford.  They are based at an office suite in Nottingham (UK).  Dean is the CEO of Internet Profits (formerly known as iPro) and has been online for 10+ years.  Craig is an Internet product creator in the areas of information and software development.

Thing # 2:  I forgot to tell you about the Week 1 Challenge and the massive prize valued at $2997 that would be presented to the winner.

The Week 1 Challenge was to write a blog post with the sentence “Quick Start Challenge – 2018” somewhere in the post and submit it to the QSC admin by midnight 17th September.

All those who successfully submitted their blog were entered into a prize draw with the winner being selected at random.  The prize for this first challenge was a paid subscription to the Internet Profits Certified Partner Program for a full year.

This was a really great incentive to submit your blog post – especially as there were only 147 entries.  Good odds, I’d say!

GOOD NEWS:  I did complete the challenge on time. Yay😊!

BAD NEWS:  Unfortunately, I didn’t find the link to submit my entry until well after the deadline and so I wasn’t entered in the prize-draw.  My fault entirely! 😒

MORE GOOD NEWS:  I have previously joined the Certified Partner Program😊!

Hey-Ho, that’s all part of life’s rich tapestry.  Win some – Lose some. I’ll just have to win the Week 2 Challenge – more about that in another post.

The BIG thing I have realised is that I was probably being a little too previous declaring to the world that I intended to publish to my blog on a daily basis.  This is still the long-term intention but it’s not such a  realistic plan at the moment.

I therefore reserve my right to vary my posting schedule to a minimum of once or twice a week – unless something really BIG happens.

So, until next time,

Cheers, Colin

The Quick Start Challenge Explained

Hello again.  Hope you were a little intrigued by yesterday’s post – I was.  Couldn’t wait to see what I would write next . . .

Well the suspense is over and I’m ready to pass on to you some of that “Useful Information” I mentioned yesterday.  If you want to ask a question or give me some feedback just leave a message for me at and I will reply {proving that I am a real person and not a chat-bot}.

Also, just so you know, I can’t afford to take on any support staff just yet.  It’s just me, a steep learning curve and loads of coffee.

I can feel the tension from here so let’s get on with this without any more side-tracking.

The Quick Start Challenge (QSC) is now in it’s 6th year and attracts  more attendees/students each year that it is re-launched.  You might be thinking that something that is 6 years old must be overflowing with of out-of-date training.

Let me assure that it is not!  Each year the presentations are ‘tweaked’ to incorporate  current trends and information.  In a later post I will reveal my own reasons for taking this journey, but for now let me give you an overview.

Firstly, the current QSC is now closed until next year but if you would like to be notified when the next QSC is launched, just drop me a line and I’ll add you to the list for next year.

This year’s challenge is spread over 5 weeks and aims to show anyone who accepts the challenge how to develop an ongoing income stream from the Internet.

On Wednesday there is a live 60-90 minute Video Presentation with a challenge being set for the coming week.  This is followed by a live Q & A session on the Friday to answer anything you did not fully understand.  You then have a week to absorb the video training and complete the challenge.  Oh yes, there is also a very lively FB group.

REALITY CHECK: It never has been, and never will be possible to earn a life changing income in just 5 weeks.  Anyone who says otherwise is telling you porkies and I would question their motives!  My advice is to steer well clear of them .

The QSC has been carefully designed to gently lead you towards setting up the foundations of a long term Internet Business that you can be proud of by Watching, Learning and Implementing what you have learned.  Here is a brief summary of what is covered:

Week 1 – Building The Foundations

Week 2 – Looking At Income Streams

Week 3 – List Building

Week 4 – The Automated Income Machine

Week 5 – The Online Traffic Tap

Currently the group is working through Week 1 and this post (plus my previous one) is my response to the Week 1 Challenge – create a blog post about the QSC.

I fully intend to post something every day on my blog.  For the time being this will be just written but I am investigating the mediums of Podcasting and YouTube – just to mix it up a bit.

Right then, I think that’s enough for now.  I don’t think I’ve forgotten anything but I’m sure something will occur to me as soon as I close this down – as you do!

With that said, I hope you have found these posts helpful and please remember, if you want to ask a question or give me some feedback just send me a message at and I will reply as soon as I can.

Thanks for reading and I’ll see you next time.

Cheers, Colin

Quick Start Challenge – 2018

Hello  . . . and welcome to another fun-packed episode in my quest to establish an alternative business model of Internet Marketing Success.

I say “alternative” because this approach flies in the face of what most so-called gooroos are pedaling.  I have followed many of their  training courses and/or advice and it hasn’t worked out too well for me so far.

You know the mantras:

  • Get a list and keep sending them offers until they either buy something [not very likely] or unsubscribe [‘cos you’re sending them the same messages as 30 or so other marketers].
  • It’s a numbers game [Really?]
  • Believe you can do it – don’t give up [‘cos these gooroos have many more offers for you].

OK, that may have worked in the past – but not any more.  I’m not sure that it ever REALLY worked at all unless you had an unending supply of new prospects.

And I’m sure many have been burned trying to “make it” with the various MLM schemes out there.  Don’t get me started down that road.

I had reached the point where I was convinced that I was missing some of the steps in the puzzle – but couldn’t for the life of me figure out what the missing pieces were.

Anyway, I’m not here to give you a potted history of Internet Marketing 101.  I want to invite you to take a look at the new face of the beast that is Internet Marketing.

This is what the Quick Start Challenge – 2018 is all about; a new breed of Internet Marketers.   Many years ago I remember Phil Gosling coining the phrase “Renegade Lemmings” meaning very simply, “Don’t Follow The Herd Over The Cliff”.  

I have spent the last few years looking for Rocky, the Renegade Lemming and at long last I have come across a much more sensible and ethical alternative to “Churn & Burn Brigade” – it’s a radical concept called “Give Away Your BEST Stuff For Free”.

In a previous life I worked with a bloke who had the answer to everything new.  His mantra was “It’ll never work”.  And guess what, he was right.  Nothing ever worked for him.  However hard he tried – he failed!

He would have filled a notebook with reasons why this particular concept couldn’t possibly work!

Getting a bit negative so I’ll move this along … [and I need Coffee].

The concept behind this “give away your best stuff – for free” idea is very simple:

  • People like free stuff – but it needs to be good quality free stuff.
  • Customers are much more aware these days – it is no longer acceptable to grab any old PLR, slap your name on it and re-sell it to the unsuspecting public as the answer to the meaning of life.
  • People like to buy when they are ready – they don’t want to be pressured or sold to all the time.

I have come to believe that the most valuable commodity today is useful INFORMATION that provides a solution to a particular need or problem.

GIVING AWAY YOUR BEST STUFF sets you apart from the herd.  You are building the first step towards people WANTING to buy from you further on down the road.  This is known as the K-L-T principle – getting your customers to Know, Like and Trust you.

I’m going to leave it there for now and let you consider the concept overnight.  I’ll  continue tomorrow and I promise your patience will be rewarded!

See you then,

Colin [AKA Colon The Librarian]

The Internet Hates Me . . .

. . . At least, that’s how it felt yesterday.

My internet connection kept dropping in and out all day – despite the Sky website flashing me up troubleshooting messages & videos to help me re-connect.

You know what it’s like, I’m sure.  But why does it always seem to happen when you really don’t need it to?  I have a theory about that too, but it will have to wait for now as I have loads to catch up on from yesterday.

So, first thing on the first [working] day of the month I like to check my bank accounts for Direct Debits & Standing Order payments.

Couldn’t log on to the internet.

Cup of coffee and some breakfast later…same thing.  Still locked out.

More coffee and lots of swearing didn’t make Boris [my PC] respond at all.

OK, I thought, it is Monday and the start of a new month.  No doubt the bank’s servers are groaning and slowly chipping away at the millions of transactions they’re expected to process.  Give it a rest and come back to it later.

So I did.  Just before lunchtime … a spark of life from my router and the yellow smiley face turned into a white smiley face.  Hoorah.

Need to get in quick before it collapses again, I thought.  Unfortunately the rest of the world was trying too.

Mister YELLOW SMILEY FACE was back on my router.  [I just had a rather un-nerving mental image of Stephen King’s clown peeping out of a storm drain.  Scary!]

In desperation I tried to connect from:

  • Lynne’s laptop
  • My iPad
  • My [not so] Smart phone

No response from anything resembling an internet connection!

I was getting rather agitated by now as I had arranged a 1-2-1 internet chat with my mentor Dean Holland at 8:45 that night and it looked very much as though I’d need to cancel it.  I have an App called VOXER on my phone that can operate as a voice or text messenager but also has a “walkie-talkie” facility.

So I sent an apologetic message to Dean in the hope that the App would be able to take advantage of any micro-second of connectivity and squirt itself into the ether.

This morning I found out that the “Pony Express” had delivered  in time for Dean to re-arrange his call schedule.  I also found out that the Yellow Smiley Face was no longer grinning menacingly at me from the router.

Connected again.  A nice, comfortable, fuzzy, warm feeling had returned and all was right with the world – till the next time.

Well, that’s all the excitement I can take for this week…

Cheers, Colin