Hi again,

The title here is a nod to the old TV comedy show about the antics of an Army Concert Party in the Far East. . .

40 Degrees Celsius has been recorded in Lincolnshire as a new high temperature today. We’re not used to this level of heat here in the UK.  I’m sure the weather will continue to be Britain’s favourite conservation topic!

Rant Alert:  I’m mystified as to why a heat wave like we, and most of Europe are experiencing now, has to happen before we realise that Global Warming is a real issue and everyone needs to play their part to slow it down. End Rant Alert.

Having made the decision to get going with this, I’m now trying to get into the routine of sending out regular posts, but I can’t decide on the frequency.

“Occasionally” sounds good to me but if I were to listen to the gooroos, who should really know about these things, the recommendation is:

Whenever – but whatever you do, be consistent!

So, with that in mind, I’ll commit to a weekly schedule – and try very hard to keep to it.

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