My FB Account Was Held To Ransom

The headline says it all!!!

And to rub salt into the wound, it was my own stupid fault.

Back in mid August [the 12th to be precise] I foolishly offered my help to a supposed Affiliate Marketer who claimed he was unable to get back into his own FB account.

At the time I was going through some FB groups to connect with other affiliates in an effort to promote my own FB Group – “Escape The Overwhelm” – and build up my list.

I really should have sparked that he was not genuine, but I had my “I’ll help anyone…”  head on at the time and not really concentrating as much as I should have been.

In his defence, he only wanted £200 [to buy food] and that he would release my FB account if I paid up.

He obviously didn’t know me!

Despite the blood, sweat & tears that went into making my lists and the FB group itself, there was no way I was ever going to give in to a ransom demand from this pond-life scrote.

After about 50 emails between us, I’d got him down t0 £10. I figured that would be worth spending to engineer some kind of paper audit trail to track him.

Thing is, I’m a Scorpio.  There would always be a sting in the tail and I never forget.

My last message to this low-life was:

“Take my tenner, go buy some food or whatever with it . . . or don’t ‘cos I’m fed up with your sstupid, infantile          games.  Which translates as, Last Chance Saloon, matey. Go get a life and stay out of mine!”

His eventual reply was:

“So you don’t want your FB back then?”

So that was it!

And do you know what … I would’ve given him a few squid for food if he’d asked [politely].

Never mind, water under the bridge and any other cliches you can think of.

All I have to do now is start again and learn from my mistakes.  I know that “Escape The Overwhelm 2” will be all the better for a re-write.

Many thanks for reading this far – I did hear a few snores in the background.

Cheers, Colin

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